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Salmon Club Iceland

Fly fishing in Iceland for salmon, trout, arctic char and sea trout. The rivers and lakes in Iceland are rich with fish of the salmon species. Fishing in Iceland is a great sport and a unforgettable adventure. Once you try it you are hooked.

Fishing hruta

located in the NORTHWEST
2. hour drive from reykjavik
Fishing Salmon and Arctic Char

fishing minni

Located in the south if Iceland
2. Hours drive
Fishing for big trout

fishing breiddalsa

located in east
6. hours drive from reykjavik
Fishing salmon trout arctic char
Iceland fishing

fishing jokla

mission statement

We are happy to support and promote fishing as a sport and as a lifestyle around the world. We help the beginners and the experienced members of our club become professional fishermen. At the same time we advise to take care about the environment. We are supporters of catch and release. We don’t leave anything behind on the banks except our footprint. We respect the nature, the rules and law of the country we fish in.

Lake Fishing for trout!

Fly fishing in in Icelandic lakes for trout is a unforgettable sport.

GOOD fishing & resorts

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Being a beginner at first, it was very reassuring for me to use your services. I could alway use some help, and you were always there! Now, I can say that I am a professional, but still enjoy your club very very much!

Andrew Preston

Andrew Preston


My family loves going to fishing trips, no matter what the time of year it is. You guys never let us down! Thanks for the amazing summer memories, for winter extreme and the autumn pieceful lake fishing.

Rebecca Wills

Rebecca Wills


I am extremely happy about being a member of your fishing club because you guys know everything about it, and provide excellent service to all the customers! I’ve enjoyed every trip and every experience so far.

Peter Jones

Peter Jones


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Fly fishing for salmon

Fishing the hitch  can be very affected  way to get t the salmon to take the fly with a BANG

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Trout fishing in Iceland.
Trout fishing in Iceland.

Fly fishing in Iceland for trout is known for probably the best trout fishing in Europe today. Lake Thingvellir trout The greater part OF THE RIVERS AND LAKES IN ICELAND OFFER GOOD TROUT FISHING. YOU CAN EXPECT TO CATCH,BROWN TROUT, SEA-TROUT AND ARCTIC CHAR. We can for example, offer you fishing trips, to larger part of trout fishing all around…

When fishing for salmon in Iceland
When fishing for salmon in Iceland

Salmon fishing has been polished here in Iceland since the principal pilgrims showed up here in the late 800 AD. Nets were generally utilized, yet now individuals banter if our predecessors fished by a fishing rod or not. (A fine subject to banter on, as nobody can demonstrate his point)

Useful info about Icelandic rivers and price of salmon fishing.
Useful info about Icelandic rivers and price of salmon fishing.

There are in excess of 100 self continuing salmon rivers in Iceland. Of those at any rate 20 offer the ideal time on the global market. Most market their fishing as 3, 6 or 7 days , including the fishing grant, all food and convenience, one guide with a vehicle for each two poles and all neighborhood transport. A couple…