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Salmon Club Iceland
fishing salmon, trout, sea trout and arctic char

Fly fishing in Iceland for salmon, trout, arctic char and sea trout. The rivers and lakes in Iceland are rich with fish of the salmon species. Fishing in Iceland is a great sport and a unforgettable adventure. Once you try it you are hooked.

Disinfecting your gear

Disinfecting fishing gear – Iceland has always been free of diseases like UDN and Gyrodactylus salaris and we intend to keep it that way. There is a strict policy of visiting anglers having their tackle sterilized before coming to Iceland. This should be done in a 2% formaldehyde solution for 10 minutes and performed by a veterinary surgeon. (Tackle sterilized in Virkon S is also acceptable.) A signed inventory of what has been sterilized should be provided by the vet for presentation to the customs officers at Keflavik airport. The most important items to be treated are: rods, reel/line, waders and flies.

Five star fishing

Fly for salon

The process can be carried out by staff at Keflavik airport. The Company “Kefparking” operates a fast, 24 hour disinfection service at Keflavik International Airport. Price is around 40$ (ISK 4.900) for the first 5 items, with an additional 2.5$ (ISK 300) for each item after the first five. Contact the custom officers for this service. You may have to wait for a few minutes.

And please note that all import of fresh bait of organic origin is strictly forbidden. This ban includes for example all kinds of worms, larvae, shrimps, minnows and eggs of fish. Any attempt to import such bait is punishable by law. Just the same, it may be imported if thoroughly cooked.
Help us to keep Icelandic rivers unpolluted and healthy – guidelinesExemptions from disinfection of used fishing equipment when entering Iceland

Fishing hruta

located in the NORTHWEST
2. hour drive from reykjavik
Fishing Salmon and Arctic Char

fishing minni

Located in the south if Iceland
2. Hours drive
Fishing for big trout



fishing breiddalsa

located in east
6. hours drive from reykjavik
Fishing salmon trout arctic char



Iceland fishing

fishing jokla

The Jökla river system 
lies just to the north 
of Egilsstaðir town

mission statement

We are happy to support and promote fishing as a sport and as a lifestyle around the world. We help the beginners and the experienced members of our club become professional fishermen. At the same time we advise to take care about the environment. We are supporters of catch and release. We don’t leave anything behind on the banks except our footprint. We respect the nature, the rules and law of the country we fish in.

Lake Fishing for trout!

Fly fishing in in Icelandic lakes for trout is a unforgettable sport.

GOOD fishing & TOP resorts

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Being a beginner at first, it was very reassuring for me to use your services. I could alway use some help, and you were always there! Now, I can say that I am a professional, but still enjoy your club very very much!

Andrew Preston

Andrew Preston


My family loves going to fishing trips, no matter what the time of year it is. You guys never let us down! Thanks for the amazing summer memories, for winter extreme and the autumn pieceful lake fishing.

Rebecca Wills

Rebecca Wills


I am extremely happy about being a member of your fishing club because you guys know everything about it, and provide excellent service to all the customers! I’ve enjoyed every trip and every experience so far.

Peter Jones

Peter Jones


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Fly fishing for salmon

Fishing the hitch  can be very affected  way to get t the salmon to take the fly with a BANG

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Iceland salmon
Iceland salmon

The inception and life history of 186 Atlantic salmon got adrift inside Icelandic waters were examined utilizing microsatellites to evaluate the starting point and scales and otoliths to survey freshwater and ocean age. A sum of 184 examples were matured utilizing scales or otolithes or both. The vast majority of the examples were from people in their first year adrift…

Salmon fishing season in iceland
Salmon fishing season in iceland

  The Fishing Season in Iceland keeps going from April first until October twentieth, yet inside that period you will confront numerous various conditions, species to target and fishing techniques dependent on the month or week. So let us separate the season step by step April: April first is the open day for a few trout waterways and lakes. Conditions…

Trout Fishing in Iceland Rivers
Trout Fishing in Iceland Rivers

Iceland offers some great sea trout and brown trout fishing. It’s also a premiere salmon fishing destination! June to September are prime salmon fishing months in Iceland. The trout season in Iceland starts in April. Most folks fish for sea trout size which average 3-4 pounds, but quite often anglers will get some 15-20 pounders. Local anglers most often use streamers…

The season of 2020 is now recently over
The season of 2020 is now recently over

  Hello Friends and clients The season of 2020 is now recently over, the last rivers in Iceland were closed on the 20th of October. Only very few though are open so late, sea trout rivers and salmon rivers propped up by smolt releasing. Generally speaking, there was a marked recovery in the salmon fishing from the sad season of…