Written by: Peter Kutzer, Orvis Fly-Fishing Schools

ORVIS - Fly Casting Lessons - The Steeple Cast
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In time of high water or when vegetation grows right up to the banks, anglers often find themselves with limited room for the backcast. In this lesson, Orvis casting instructor Pete Kutzer shows you how to make a “steeple cast,” in which you shoot the backcast high above the obstacles behind you, and then deliver the fly straight out to the water in front of you. It’s not a difficult cast to master, but it requires you to think a little differently about the standard path of the fly rod. Once you’ve mastered the steeple cast, a bush or a car behind you won’t stop you from getting your fly out to the fish.

If you’ve got more questions about casting or presentation, post them below, and we’ll make more videos.

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