, First Swing Of The Winter Season, Salmon Club Iceland

First time out with my double hander rod for the year today and boy it felt good to feel the line tighten, then the weight go on at the end of the swing ! I was stoked to land a solid 5lb rainbow along with 4 other fresh wee rainbows in the 2-3lb range all fighting fit and in great condition. The takes ranged from small ‘taps’ or ‘plucks’ to full on hits that pulled the fly line from hand. Most were at the end of the swing as the fly lifted slightly or on the first small strip after having the let the fly “hang” in the current briefly. Many times a fish will follow the fly, observing, until taking it or rejecting it. Generally when swinging flies you don’t see the fly or the fish. One can only imagine and guess what is taking place under the surface but knowing where fish will hold up during the winter months and swinging your flies through these pieces of water is the key to success.


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