Taking a swim with your waders on is never a good time. Check out this video from The New Fly Fisher, outlining some of the best tips for wading safely and effectively.

If you don’t have time to check out the full video, here’s the main points:

  • Wear a wading belt!
  • Use polarized sunglasses. It will help you see the structure on the bottom of the river.
  • Have the right boot bottoms for the type of river. In most situations rubber is best.
  • Add studs to the bottom of rubber boots if possible.
  • Wash your waders between fishing different watersheds.
  • Use a wading staff.
  • Keep wading staffs closely to your body.
  • Cross the river in the most shallow area.
  • Angle a bit upstream when you’re wading.
  • Shuffle your feet slowly.
  • Don’t cross your legs!
  • Cross with a buddy. Four legs are better than two.
  • If you fall in, paddle to a shallow place.


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