One of Iceland’s most commonly caught fish is the Atlantic Salmon (Salmon in Icelandic). To discover the best places to catch salmon, read this section on river fishing in Iceland.    Show Source Texts    “To discover the best places to catch salmon, see the section River Fishing in Iceland.” 2
“One of the most commonly caught fish in Iceland is the Atlantic Salmon (Salmon in Icelandic).” 2

Iceland offers a diverse fishery targeting Atlantic salmon, char, brown trout, and sea brown. In the north of the country, there is Lake Myvatn, a variety of birds, craters, geothermal zones, spectacular lavas, and of course freshwater systems. The rivers of Iceland can be flown, and in most lakes, you can fish with flies, spinners, bait, and bait.    Show Source Texts    “Iceland offers a diverse fishery targeting Atlantic Salmon, Arctic Char, brown trout, and sea-run browns.” 1
“In North Iceland, you can fly-fish in Lake Myvatn, a diverse region of birdlife, craters, geothermal areas, spectacular lava formations, and, of course, freshwater systems.” 2
“Some rivers in Iceland are fly only, but in most lakes, you can fish with Fly, spinner/lure and even bait.” 6

In order to fish Icelandic rivers and lakes, you need a license, which differs in price and availability depending on what you are looking for. To catch Atlantic salmon, you have to fish in a river where you can catch it, or in a lake where this is unusual. The Jokla River is known for a range of fish sizes, so remember to pack your fishing gear.      “To catch Atlantic Salmon, however, you generally have to fish in the rivers; they can occasionally be hooked up in a lake, but this is uncommon.” 2
“The rivers is known for numbers rather than the size of fish so please keep that in mind when packing your fishing gear.” 5
“To fish in Icelandic rivers and lakes, you will need licenses, which differ in cost and availability depending on where you look.” 2

Minni is a low tributary of Thorsa on the southern part of Iceland, providing the perfect opportunity for private river systems and lakes for three or four brown trout. It is a small river that hosts a large stock of brown trout.    On the north coast of Iceland and offers the perfect opportunity to have a private river system and lake for three to four rods combining brown trout.” “Minni is a relatively small river that holds a great stock of big brown trout”11

The best time to fish for brown trout and char in Iceland’s lakes is from the end of May to the beginning of July. In June, smaller quantities of salmon will enter the river and the focus will be on dry fly fishing for brown trout. “Later in June the salmon start making their way upriver in small numbers, but since the focus is mostly on dry fly fishing for brown trout.” 11
“A very good time to fish Icelandic lakes for brown trout and char is late May to early July.” 6

Island has some of the best trout fishing in the world, whether you go trout fishing alone or combine it on a family day with salmon fishing. Whether you are hiking from the river to the river or fishing in a lake, you will find that fishing at midnight under the Icelandic sun is an experience worth having. “Whether going as a standalone trout fishing trip or combining it with salmon fishing or a family holiday, Iceland offers some of the finest wild brown trout fishing in the world.” 0
“You can walk upriver, downriver, fish a lake that you find interesting just whatever in whenever as fishing in the midnight sun in Iceland is an experience worth having.” 0

Iceland and we will take you to the airport and take you to our lodge. Let us help you with your trip and details of your Iceland trip with our expert team who know the pros and cons to make your fly fishing adventure in Iceland a success. “Fly To Akureyri, Iceland where we will pick you up at the airport and take you to our lodge.” 5
“Let us help you with your itinerary and details for your trip to Iceland, our team of experts know all the ins and outs to make your fly fishing adventure to Iceland a successful one.” 5

Iceland’s land of fire and ice, located between the Arctic Circle and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, is a remote island with little population and little influence on global politics or economics, but it is also one of the most beautiful countries that I have ever seen. Lake Villingavatn has been kept under the radar for years and fished only by a select few. “Although it is a remote island with a small population and little impact on global politics and economics It is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen.” 8
“It has been kept under the radar for years and has only been fished by a select few.” 10

At the northern end of Lake Thingvallavatn lies the Oxara River, the main brook of brown trout that flows through the lake. At the peak of the ice age, chrome brown trout ran here in April, but in the summer months, when Lake Thingvellir is closed until September, you can catch some nice fish.  “This beat is on the north end of Lake Thingvallavatn where river AxarA!, the brown trouts main spawning stream, runs into the lake.” 10
“The prime time for the ice age chrome brown trout runs are during April and May, occasionally you can catch some nice fish there during the summer months and Thingvellir Lake is officially closed in September.” 8

In autumn, the river fishes, the largest fish are found in the upper part of the river and new fish can be found at the crossroads of the lake and the river itself. We recommend the river at 700 o’clock in the morning, but if it is windy or raining, the best is early morning dry fly fishing. At Lake, Thingvallavatn anglers have the opportunity to fish after dark and to stop at nightfall. “We recommend being on the river at 7.00 in the morning unless it is windy and raining because often the best dry fly fishing is early in the morning.” 5
“At Lake Thingvallavatn, anglers will have the option to fish into the dark, but usually stop when it gets really dark.” 10
The bottom of the lake is very diverse and ranges from lava to gravel and sand. The fish feed on salmon, trout, roast, and smolder while hammering the current streamers. Black cliff anglers wade out of the lava flow into the lake and find a giant brown one. “The bottom of the lake is diverse, going between lava, gravel, and sand.” 10
“Off the Black Cliffs, anglers can wade far into the lake to a lava drop-off area where one can often find one of those giant browns.” 10
“Fish also feed on salmon and trout fry and smolts so they will hammer a well-presented streamer.” 5

On my last trip to Thingvellir, I was surprised when I was advised to fish small trout with streamers because they know that “the bigger the fly, the bigger the fish.”. It sounded true, and in a few hours, I landed 8 fish between 75-83 cm, near the magical border between 90 cm and 35.5 inches. At the beginning of August 2008, I hatched a mayfly in the river, but in all my years of fishing in Iceland, I hatched only three mayflies in total. “In early August 2008 I witnessed a Mayfly hatch in the river and during all my years of fishing Iceland I have seen that only 3 times in total.” 5
“I was surprised because my last trips to Thingvellir I was always advised to fish small trout streamers, but you know the saying “Big fly=Big fish”.” 8
“Well, it rang true, in a few hours I landed 8 fish between 75- 83 cm but nothing close to the magical border 90 cm (35.5 inches).” 8

During the journey with brown trout, it was interesting that three of the five Icelandic freshwater fish species live in the lake trout, the char, and the three-spined thorn. We fished with long fluorescent streamers from Cezary’s fly collection. Icelanders fish upstream, but dry flies and nymphs are the most effective tactics. “We fished pretty long fluorescent streamers from Cezarys fly collection.” 8
“Some Icelanders fish with streamers, but upstream dry fly and nymph tactics are considerably more effective.” 0
“Although this trip is all about brown trout, it is interesting that three out of the five of Iceland’s freshwater fish species live in this lakes brown trout, Arctic char, and the three-spine stickleback.” 10

For example, day trips where you can fish the Thingvallavatn Lake and the Bruara River are tailored for experienced beginners, but you tend to catch brown trout and char. If you want to fish Iceland’s largest natural lake, Thingsvallvatn, you can catch a large trout if you weigh more than 15 kilograms. Arranging this allows traveling fishermen to move on to the next place, so don’t miss the fishing.    Show Source Texts    “If you choose, therefore, to fish within Thingvallavatn, you may just hook up the largest trout you ever have, up to and exceeding 15 kilograms (33 lb).” 2
“This allows the traveling fisher to move on to the next place and not miss any fishing.” 4
“This day tour, for example, will allow you to fish in Lake Thingvallavatn and the Bruara River, and is tailored for the experienced and beginners alike; you are likely to catch brown trout and arctic char.” 2

Each river has a unique character and as such the variety of fishing is always entertaining, from throwing nymphs and dry flies for rising trout in the upper sections to trying to catch large salmon in the canyon basins.”The river has a unique character with such diversity of fishing there will always be something to entertain from casting a nymph or a dry fly on the upper section to a rising trout, or trying to winkle out a large salmon in the canyon pools.” 0


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