Salmon Club Fishing Service

Are you the one who loves to go fishing? If yes, then you are at the right place for Iceland fishing trips. We are here to facilitate you with the best salmon sngling trips based in Iceland. We will assist you in planning and booking as well. We are here for those who love fly fishing for salmon and trout, A beautiful day, and fishing.

We are a Salmon club; we are 1 # provider of river and lake fishing trips. We are in the market for the last 20 years and provide exhilarating salmon fishing trips for anglers. You will get a chance to discover the waters of Ireland. We will guide you om everything. How to Fish, How to bait and tell you how you will catch on the day of your fishing trip. We will take care of everything! We have different packages and a good number superb guides.

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Plan your trip

Since the fishing club’s are private, the salmon club will take your fishing trip from early April to the end of May to the end of June, which is considered the ideal time to fish and extremely pleasurable to enjoy your mesmerizing moments in the lakes and rivers of Iceland. If you want to for salmon, brown trout and char, then the general prime period from July and August is for you. From the end of July to the end of September is the time for sea trout. This is general information about fishing grounds in Ireland. All you need to do is to plan your trips. All the details will be available for you through our service providers because we are the ones who would love to make your trip ideal and memorable. Call us and book your trip now and enjoy the peace of the Icland wilderness.

we provide

01  Fishing Hruta:

Located in the Northwest,2 Hour Drive from Reykjavik

02 Fishing Minni:

Located in the South of Iceland,2 Hours drive fishing for big trout

03 Fishing Breiddal:

located in East,6 hours drive from Reykjavik fishing Salmon Trout Arctic Char

04  Fishing Jokla:

The Jokla river system kies just north of Egilsstadir town.

And many lakes and rivers.

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