Tip #1: seems Iceland may be a big country
Do not underestimated the dimensions of Iceland also because the time it takes to navigate the winding roads found throughout the island. If you’re traveling for every week or less it’s highly recommended that you simply specialize in specific areas to avoid spending some time sitting within the car the whole time.Big trout in Iceland

Tip #2: Rent a 4×4
Rent a 4×4 if you would like to fish the highlands, a true 4×4! Early within the planning process we realized we would have liked to rent a 4×4 rated for “F” roads if we were getting to travel within the inside to the more remote highland lakes. We encountered problems when our 4×4 had little or no clearance and had to show around when trying to access some sought-after, high country lakes and creeks. Spend the $ and obtain a true 4×4 if you’re planning on going into Iceland’s interior.

Tip #3: Buy the fishing card
Buy the fishing card but use it wisely. Purchasing this card is a cheap thanks to fish a bunch of water around Iceland and obtain more bang for your buck! This card costs about $60USD and provides you access to 36 lakes in Iceland. We foundGood salmon landed these lakes to be hit or miss—mostly misses, unfortunately. The fly fishing card a worthwhile purchase when planning round the other rivers you’ve already found out , especially if you’re accessible one among the lakes or have overtime to kill. Order it well beforehand of your trip. Once ordered you ought to receive it in about 10 days with a solid brochure with some great information and options to review .

Tip #4: Contact an area fly fishing company to book private rivers
I know this is often a touch different from fishing in other countries but it’s really the thanks to enter Iceland. Most booking companies, like gofishing.is, have tons of options to settle on from and can put you on the simplest water for the season you’ll be in Iceland because the fishing changes greatly throughout the year. The rivers we chose were $200/day per angler. We shared two rod fees between three people so as to save lots of money which appeared to work great. you always get 12 hours of fishing for the complete day so we didn’t mind sharing the rods.

Bonus Travel Tip
If you lack weather camping gear or simply don’t want to travel with huge bags, there’s an excellent company that rents out most camping gear you’d want. They even have camping gas for stoves purchasable . We traveled with most of our

Salmon took the fly

gear but rented camp chairs and a table while in Iceland. Having essential camp gear definitely made our trip far more comfortable. Order your gear well beforehand of your trip as it’s a really popular service: iceland-camping-equipment.com.