An advertisement said “the whole island is air conditioned!” Iceland’s cool, oceanic climate is sort of mild for its latitude of 63-66° North, because of the nice and cozy Gulf stream . The summers are short but bright and therefore the best time to go to is late May to early September – that’s , if you’re planning a summer holiday. the typical daytimeWhether change in Iceland temperature round the coast during May to September is 10-12°C (50-55°F). A warm summer day would have temperatures around 20°C. Average daily sunshine in July and August is 5-6 hours and through the summer months the nights are bright. On clear days you’ve got 24 hours of daylight and even the atmospheric phenomenon near the Arctic Circle . However, the weather is extremely changeable and unpredictable so you ought to always be prepared for the unexpected.

Wether in IcelandIf you’re looking to ascertain the aurora borealis , the time to go to is from September through March. Icelandic winters aren’t as cold as you would possibly expect and therefore the winter is in some ways a more interesting time to go to Iceland. there’s a proverb in Iceland, as in many other countries: “If you don´t just like the weather, just wait 5 minutes”. A typical weather experience would be something like this: