Mercer's Missing Link: Perfect Summer Dry Fly

Jim Sens is back in the shop to tie up a Mercer’s Missing Link. Jim says this is his favorite summertime fly to use on the McKenzie River and we pretty much agree with him.

This one is tied up on a size 12 TMC100 hook – we wouldn’t go too much bigger than that and anything smaller is, well, kind of a pain to tie. Pay attention to the flashabou body with UV glue and how Jim ties in the elk hair. These tips make a strong fly and make the tying process a bit easier.

, Mercer’s Missing Link: Fly Tying Instructional Video, Salmon Club Iceland

Material List:
Hook: TMC100, Size 12
Thread: Semperfli Nanosilk, Olive
Body: Flashabou
Thorax: Ice Dub, Purple
Underwing: Clark’s Tying Yarn, Lite Grey
Parachute: Whiting Dry Fly Hackle
Wing: Elk Hair
UV Glue


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