, New Obstruction on the Lower McKenzie – July 15th 2022, Salmon Club Iceland

07/15/2022 – Water Obstruction: McKenzie
River one mile downstream from Armitage Park
The Lane County Sheriff’s Office would like to
advise the public of a water obstruction on the
McKenzie River approximately one mile
downstream from the Armitage Park boat
launch. A large gravel bar has formed that
obstructs nearly the entire river width. There is
currently NO navigable channel for power
boats. Those in drifting watercraft will likely
have to exit their vessel and carry it over or
around the gravel bar in order to pass. Caution
is advised if you choose to navigate this portion
of the river.
For the most current information on water
obstructions and safety tips, please follow the
information provided by the Oregon State
Marine Board at www.oregon.gov/osmb
+044.121831° / -123.096022°
+ 389ft

The above Oregon State Marine Board Link is a great resource to utilize. With fires, recent extremes ( super dry – super wet ) trees are an ongoing issue on our local waterways.

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