, NO FISH DRY JULY – Moldy Chum, Salmon Club Iceland

For the month of July, Keep Fish Wet and Ten And Two Co. challenge anglers to commit to not taking a single photo of a fish.

From Keep Fish Wet:

With many places across North America experiencing extreme drought and higher than average water temperatures, the way we handle fish during the hottest time of year is crucial to their well-being. As water temperatures rise, fish become physiologically stressed, increasing the time it takes for them to recover from capture and handling, and increasing the chance of mortality once released.

Instead, we encourage anglers to post other artful shots of their summer angling experience. This simple shift in the fishing community’s catch-and-release behavior could do years of good for your fish’s home water. After all, fishing is rarely just about catching fish.

Follow along on social media as well as at keepfishwet.org to learn about how fish respond when the water gets warm, how you can tell if fish are stressed, and to see some beautiful fish-less photography.

, NO FISH DRY JULY – Moldy Chum, Salmon Club Iceland

There is a GIVEAWAY  too.


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