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Iceland is one of the finest photographic destinations in the world where you will encounter diverse landscapes and spectacular scenery.

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We provide Photo Tours to the top most locations of Iceland to make your trip memorable. During this tour, you will experience Iceland through various weather conditions and have the opportunity to photograph extreme landscapes in ever changing colors. Despite the winter, Iceland is not always covered in snow, and due to the low sun and varied weather conditions between North and South Iceland, the island displays exceptionally beautiful light and contrasts, which give way to plenty of variety in your photographs. We will take advantage of beautiful winter sunrises and sunsets (when presented) which will play a major role in some of the best locations available. From this tour you will take away some life long memories with you and you will be able to take your best selfie ever. All the colours melt together to make that perfect photo, the red and yellow of the ryholite mountains, the mystical green of the northern lights, the black of the volcanic sand beaches and that special lighting you will find only in the Icelandic autumn and winter days. We travel around southern Iceland, taking in both the Icelandabsolute must-sees of Iceland, such as the Golden circle and Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, but also special places less travelled. We focus on light, to try to catch the most special picture, as this is what makes Icelandic autumn and winter so special and adds colour to everything around. Accompanied by local guides and professional photographers you will travel through the lens and never feel rushed. We have good chances of northern lights on our tours. We bend to natures forces on these tours, so the itinerary can be modified accordingly. The main sights on this tour are the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, the Lake Mývatn area in northeast Iceland with its lava formations, craters and geothermal areas, the glacier lagoon and Vatnajökull Glacier in the southeast with the possibility of exploring some ice caves, the black sand beaches in the south, numerous waterfalls. Naturally, no trip to Iceland in winter would be complete without you bringing home some stunning images of the ancient celestial play of lights called the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). In this Winter Tour, you will join us as we seek the best light and impressive landscapes that Iceland has to offer. A special focus will be put on photographing ice iceland on the top of the worldand the Northern Lights. You will get to photograph all the best that South and Southeast Iceland have to offer; spouting hot springs and the Geyser Hot Spring Area, two national parks, Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier, Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, lava fields, black sand beaches, columnar basalt formations, waterfalls and whatever might come our way and looks interesting. At night, we will look for the Northern Lights. If you have limited time but would like to get a taste of photographing in Iceland—then this is the tour for you. No tour is complete without Photo Tour because this is the tour from where you will take memories rememberable for a long time. Iceland just might be the most photogenic country you will ever find, with nature that you thought existed only in your imagination. So don’t think more, go for this tour.

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