My son Louie recently sat down at the vise to play with some new materials he was sent by Jeff Wood who owns Fishscene Ltd here in New Zealand. A big shout out to Jeff who has very generously sent Louie a variety of Fulling Mill hooks and tying materials over the past year of which Louie has tied up lots of different patterns to fish with…many thanks mate ! Most recently Jeff sent him some Semperfli Synthetic Rabbit Zonker Strips in the colour called Silver Fox https://www.fishscene.co.nz/shop/furs/synthetic-rabbit-zonker-strips?gn=FURS&gp=7

Semperfli’s synthetic rabbit adds a new dimension to many traditional flies and will not water-log like traditional rabbit zonker strips making it much easier to cast. The below pattern is one that Louie has recently tied for when we get out of the ‘ lock down’ period and we can get back out into the rivers !


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