, Podcast: All About Fiberglass Fly Rods, with Cam Mortensen, Salmon Club Iceland

[Interview begins at 51:24.]

My guest this week is Cameron Mortensen of The Fiberglass Manifesto. Cam knows more about fiberglass fly rods than almost anybody, and he has spent thousands of hours on the water fishing for a variety of species with glass rods.  I know a lot of listeners are curious about glass, and so we attempt to answer the most common questions:

  • What is the history of fiberglass rods?
  • How do modern ones compare to the older styles?
  • What are the advantages of fiberglass rods?
  • What are the drawbacks of fiberglass rods?
  • What are the new 4-piece Orvis Superfine Glass rods like?

If you’ve been curious about trying a fiberglass fly rod, I hope this podcast answers some of your questions.

In the Fly Box, we have some thought-provoking questions, tips, and complaints, including:

  • What are the benefits of a strip set, and what is happening at the end of the line?When should I use the strip set?
  • Should I buy an 8-weight or a 9-weight for a combination of saltwater and largemouth bass?
  • Why do largemouth bass follow my fly and not take it?
  • Why don’t people use duck-quill-wing wet flies anymore?  
  • A listener takes Tom to task for making fun of Tenkara fishing
  • A guide makes a plea for clients to practice their casting before a day of fishing.
  • I have some 50-year-old flies that look to be in good shape and the hooks are not rusty. Do you think the hooks are still good and won’t break?
  • A listener asks for advice between a 7- or 8-weight rod for bass and carp.
  • If the mono in my poly leader gets too short, should I cut back the coating to try to expose more of the core?
  • A tip on using crushed material from inside desiccant packages for a fly floatant
  • Do some fly tiers get royalties on the patterns they designed?
  • I see bass splashing up against the shore and logs. Are they chasing baitfish, and if so, how do I catch them?
  • How do I get the curl out of my leader when fishing big flies?
  • I had two 9-foot, 5-weight rods break in the same place, a half inch from the tip.  What do you think happened?
  • What does Tom do when he gets frustrated and his casting mechanics break down?
, Podcast: All About Fiberglass Fly Rods, with Cam Mortensen, Salmon Club Iceland


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