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I get a lot of questions about how fly rods are designed, and I think there are a number of misconceptions about where that new rod, like the Helios Blackout series, came from. Where did the idea come from? How is the design created? If you want a 9-foot, five-inch 5-weight rod, do you just add five inches to an existing rod design? I think you’ll be surprised at what goes into a new fly-rod design, and think you’ll enjoy peaking under the hood with a rod designer.

In the Fly Box, we have some great comments and questions, including:

  • A great explanation of the spirituality of fly fishing
  • When I move from one tailwater to another, my techniques don’t seem to work.  What should I change?
  • My small stream fished well last year.  This year the water is colder and higher.  What should I do?
  • Is it OK to cut my fly line back if it’s cracked?
  • What would you do if you see trout in shallow, clear water and they are not rising?
  • Do you have any suggestions for detecting carp strikes in cloudy water?
  • Is there a largemouth fly that is as weedless as a rubber worm?
  • What flies do you recommend for bonnethead sharks?
  • A cool suggestion for adding a dropper fly
  • What organizations do you recommend if I care about climate change and the environment?


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