ThFishing with a buddye Fishing Season in Iceland keeps going from April first until October twentieth, yet inside that period you will confront numerous various conditions, species to target and fishing techniques dependent on the month or week. So let us separate the season step by step


April first is the open day for a few trout waterways and lakes. Conditions are generally cold and wind to be expected, most looking for inhabitant earthy colored trout and Arctic roast is finished with decorations or sprites (essentially midge designs). April first is additionally first day of the season for different ocean run earthy colored trout waterways, April and May sees the ocean run browns run down the streams back to the sea after last falls/winters generating. Looking for these is finished with decorations and fairies. Mid-April sees the launch of Lake Thingvallvatn and the beginning of the ideal opportunity to get the prize measured ice age earthy colored trout that lives inside the framework. April and into May the most widely recognized strategy to get the huge browns of Lake Thingvallvatn is decoration fishing (with designs emulating the Arctic scorch subspecies “Murta” and sticklebacks, the two primary food hotspots for the earthy colors).

Fishing In April can be an enormous bet as climate and water conditions can be profoundly capricious yet in the event that you hit it right you can be in for some fabulous fishing day in the event that you feel okay with overcoming the components.


It is about huge browns down at Lake Thingvallvatn and is the ideal time on the lake. As in April fishing is generally finished with decorations yet as you get further into the month you can begin getting them on caddis and chironomids designs. The ocean run earthy colored trout fishing is still acceptable in May before the last fish make the excursion to the sea before the month’s over. The first of the Highland waterways, as Kaldakvísl and Tungnaá, open up in the center of the month. Fishing is generally extraordinary there in May yet climate and street conditions can make it a test. May likewise observes openings of more trout and scorch lakes and streams all around the island like the trout beats on Big Laxá. On great climate days in May you can likewise expect the main large incubates of caddis and chironomids and the great dry fly fishing that goes with those.


Climate improves as summer at last shows up, 12 PM sun in June can make for some extra long fishing days (and evenings). The more steady climate and rising temperature mean more brings forth and the beginning of the best dry fly time frame that extends from June through the finish of July or early August.

The fishing in Lake Þingvallvatn for the prize browns is normally still acceptable until about the finish of June when the huge browns head into more profound water further from the coast, they are supplanted by Arctic scorch in shallows so most fishermen fishing the Thingvallvatn framework trade their consideration from browns to burn before the finish of June. All the trout and burn streams will have opened up by June as the remainder of the Highland Lakes and waterways open. Trout and roast fishing is generally done on dry flies or fairies this season. June likewise observes the principal salmon streams open up as the primary runs fire appearing in a couple of waterways in the south-west and north piece of the nation open for fishing. For the most part, the principal Salmon to show up is the bigger 2-year salt or return bringing forth fish.

Good salmon in JulyJuly:

Increasingly more of the Atlantic Salmon waterways will be open thus will a large portion of the ocean run Arctic singe streams. The vast majority would consider July through early August ideal time for salmon fishing in Iceland yet it relies to a great extent upon which waterway you are fishing as certain streams get a lot later or prior runs of salmon. Ordinarily the biggest run comes in around mid to late July. July is as yet thought to be ideal time for most earthy colored trout and Arctic singe waterways as steady incubates are seen consistently. The Lake Thingvallvatn framework actually fishes well however the essential catch is currently Arctic burn contradicted to brown trout.


Salmon season still going all out and the ocean run browns are making there get back from the sea. Trout and roast fishing is still acceptable in many lakes and waterways yet brings forth begin getting less successive so looking for those begin to switch more towards decorations and fairies. A portion of the late-season salmon streams like Sandá begin seeing fish appear. Down in Lake Thingvallvatn sees the earthy colored trout draw nearer to the shore again and fishermen begin exchanging consideration back once again to them from the Arctic singe.


Early evening for ocean trout as the runs get into going all out. Earthy colored trout and Arctic singe lakes and waterways begin shutting down with the principal shutting on September first and the keep going on October first. Fishing switches generally over to decorations and this is regularly the most obvious opportunity to get bigger earthy colors and roast on decorations as hostility levels experience the rooftop with the generating drawing nearer. Some salmon streams begin shutting too while others are simply entering ideal time like the later season waterways further inland like the once in Þjórsárdalur.


All fishing has shut aside from a modest bunch of ocean run earthy colored trout and salmon waterways, keep going of which close on October twentieth. Chilly climate and intense condition are normal however can be remunerated with some magnificent ocean run earthy colored fishing.


Tie a few flies for next season!

an outline of the Salmon fishing season in iceland

This outline is only for speculation, conditions will fluctuate fishery to fishery.

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