Trout fishing in Iceland:  The price of salmon fishing is relatively high. So for those that visit Iceland on a budget, yet are keen on fly fishing, then trout fishing is ideal. Most lakes and rivers in the country have trout and arctic char. Price for fishing those species are much lower inBig trout dry fly fishing price. Minnivallalaekur or Minni as we call the river has a very good stock of trout and they are big. Imagine caching a 10. pound + on a dry fly size 16. I leave you with that thought. We can arrange fishing in the Minni and various other rivers or lakes around Iceland. Such as Thingvallavatn, Jokla river system, Breiddalsa, and any other lake and streams. This is a low price fishing, and in some of these waters is a good chance to catch a salmon. Perhaps the next time you visit then you will try trout fishing because the price is low and the fish is big.

Trout fishing in Iceland