Well what a season of fishing it’s been thus far ! Covid 19 has completely shut the world down at present and traveling abroad is a distant memory for us all. For many small towns in New Zealand who are so heavily reliant on over seas tourist’s it has completely brought them to their knees. Job cuts, reduced working hours and some cases businesses closing their doors till further notice ! Many of us who are in the tourism/hospitality sector have been hit hard and with things not looking likely to change any time soon we have had to find other forms of employment. Ive been lucky enough to have a few days here and there guiding Kiwi Anglers (thank you all so much ! ) who have visited Wanaka which has been fantastic, along with some other part-time work Ive secured things have been “OK” so far. I guess the “silver lining” for me in the current situation is having the opportunity to fish a little bit more myself than I would usually be able too due to my busy guide schedule. I was lucky enough to get in to the Fiordland region to fish with couple of mates in early November which was something Ive wanted to do for many years but just haven’t had the time ! I’ve also enjoyed more time fishing with my 12yr old son Louie who is becoming a talented angler and growing into a fine young man which I’m enjoying being part of. Exploring new water along with revisiting some old ones has been very enjoyable.The fish have been far more relaxed and I haven’t seen another angler on any of the rivers I’ve fished on all season to date. Below are some photos from the past few months…. and I hope to get out a little more this season to the make the most of it ! Take care everyone and stay safe and I look forward to seeing many of you back after things settle back to normal…what ever that might be !! 🙂

Cheers Paul


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