Snowmobile Glacier Tour.

Want to explore glaciers in the funniest way possible? If you like speed, snow and adventures then snowmobiling is exactly what you should be doing in Iceland! Glaciers cover about 11% of Iceland, giving anyone keen for a snow adventure plenty of space to play! On a clear day, the snowmobileview from the glacier over the nearby highlands is absolutely indescribable. Whether this is your first time on a snowmobile or you’ve been adventurous for a while, we can offer a tour that fits you. If a short ride is not enough to satisfy your snowmobiling needs, try a full day adventure or an even longer trip! The tour offers a fun, scenic and comfortably challenging snowmobiling ride. It is a great way to explore and experience the wilderness, the glacier and the breathtaking view over the South coast of Iceland. The glacier being conveniently close to the golden circle route and easy to combine with sightseeing makes this one of the most popular activities for travelers in Iceland all year round. Our snowmobiles are two seated touring sleds, so you can pair up if you want to and take your companion for a ride or sit and relax (still holding on tight!) at the back. Hand warmers and high windshields ensure greater comfort and gloves, overalls, helmets and protective shoe wear keep you warm. Snowmobile-action-on-LangjokullSnowmobiles are a wonderful way for anyone to have fun, they don’t require any experience except a valid driver’s license and you’re in control of your ride! Mountaineers of Iceland operate snowmobiles from Iceland’s second largest glacier, Langjökull. We have everything which will keep you warm and protected during the snowmobile ride. All participants are provided with all necessary gear like warm overalls, helmets, boots and gloves. Snowmobiles are great fun and easy to operate. Our snowmobiles are two seated touring sleds with hand warmer and high wind shield. Participants can choose between double or single ride. A valid driving license is required to operate a snowmobiSnowmobile snow scooter included super jeep tour winter highlandsle. We offer 1 hour snowmobiling trips in our popular day tours – Pearl Tour and Express Activity Tour. Custom made tours are also available. Everyone engaged in our activity service operations has extensive experience in the tourism industry and in activity operations, which are always undertaken with the strictest safety standards employed. Our staff is serious about providing unforgettable and safe adventure experiences! Are you up for a real
outdoors challenge? If you think you can handle 4-5 hours on a glacier driving a snowmobile we dare you to try this tour with us. This truly is an action packed day. The view from up there is breathtaking and on a clear day we can see a major part of the Icelandic highlands and glaciers. – Once you are there, you will join an exhilarating one-hour snowmobiling tour across the endless white snowfields, a great way to combine the adrenaline-filled activity of your choice with the aweinspiring scenery. We guarantee that this is a tour you will not easily forget.


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