With the recent break in the weather and a little bit of sunshine cicadas have begun to show up …finally ! And as per usual Ive left the filling of my Terrestrial fly box until the very last minute, despite having all winter free to do it ! I always enjoy sitting at the vice cutting out foam, prepping rubber legs and making wings out of varying materials dependent on the type of cicada pattern I’m wanting to imitate. They range in size from a #6 through to a #14, some are tied to float higher in the water so they are more visible in rough broken water and are easier to see whilst others are tied to float a little lower in the surface film for those trickier fish in slower, slicker water.

, That Time Of Year !, Salmon Club Iceland

, That Time Of Year !, Salmon Club Iceland

Probably the cicada pattern that I use most over the summer months, black/green/tan/brown and chartreuse all work in the right conditions.

, That Time Of Year !, Salmon Club Iceland

Cicada muncher who fell for a black high floating cicada

Super fun to tie and even more fun to fish ! Bring on the next couple of months and lets keep our fingers crossed that summer is here to stay from now ! Feel free to contact with any enquiries and I still have a few dates free in late March and April if you’d like some guided fly fishing whilst here on your holiday in NZ.

Cheers Paul


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