If true new fishing adventures are to be found in Iceland, the Jökla
fishery is definitely the place. We fish many kown pools but this
river system is so big that there still are many places that have
not been fished yet!
The system consists of the main river Jökla and the tributaries
Fossá, Laxá and Kaldá. Also the Fögruhlíðará which is a separate
stream which runs parallel to the Jökla. There is over 100 km of
salmon water here! All rivers with different characteristics so you
will never get bored here. You will get through a lot of different
areas on your rotation but even if you stay all season, you wont
be able to see it all.
The main river is fished with 11-13 feet double hand rod on the
lower part. On the upper part, the endless perfect fly pools we
enjoy fishing with switch or single hand rods. Fossá, Laxá and
Kaldá are perfect single hand rivers.
If you enjoy fishing for sea run Arctic Char, the River Kaldá has
specimens to over 5 kg!
We have both a full service and self catering lodge at the fishery.
One more important thing about the Jökla fishery, its is great value with prices from only 300 Euro per day with a part time guide.