Trout Fishing in Iceland Rivers, Salmon Club Iceland

Iceland offers some great sea trout and brown trout fishing. It’s also a premiere salmon fishing destination! June to September are prime salmon fishing months in Iceland.

The trout season in Iceland starts in April. Most folks fish for sea trout size which average 3-4 pounds, but quite often anglers will get some 15-20 pounders. Local anglers most often use streamers or tubes, but bait is also used.

Best rivers to fish in April is on the south coast of Iceland. Almost every river on the south are packed with sea trout.

In May we anglers start fishing for brown trout. Almost every lake in Iceland has brown trout but in the last 2-3 decades the arctic char is dominating the lakes.

There are three trout rivers in Iceland that hold trophy size brown trout: The River
Minnivallalaekur, River Upper Laxa in Adaldal and Litlaa. The size of the brown trout in those river can get up to 20 pounds but the average size is 4-6 pounds.

Streamers are often preferred in the early season when it’s cooler, and dayflies when it gets warmer.

The trick to fish for these trout’s is light weight rod #4- line #6. Most anglers prefer dayflies sizes 14-18.

It is a great challenge to hold a wild brown trout of maybe the size of 12 pounds on a 6″ rod with line #4 and a 4-6 pound leader.

Trout Fishing in Iceland Rivers, Salmon Club Iceland

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