Trout fishing in Iceland is a good sport. The trout here is big and almost all rivers and lakes have good size trout. When you are fishing the water is full of insects. This is where you should use a fly rod. There are a lot of different kinds of flies available and the best one is the gold lures. They are very effective and a great way to catch trout in many rivers. If you have a boat, you can also fish in the lake. You just need to be careful not to get in trouble. Fish the same place you did the last time and you will have the most fun. Also, some of the larger trout rivers in Northern Iceland have no fish and it is just a waste of time to fish them. It is best to keep your eyes open and watch the birds. Birds like to dive for the flies. Use a big rod and try to make your fly out of them and get a bigger bite. A big fish will bite right through the bait and just bite the hook. Try to use the fly fishing tackle that you used last year.

Trout fishing in IcelandIceland trout fishing packages
There are many kinds and sizes of fish to choose from. In the southern part of Iceland, you get large salmon and trout and in the northern parts of your rivers, there are also trout that are good to eat. Both the salmon streams and rivers are full and they are the reason why Icelanders are able to live a very healthy life. Iceland has a high quality of life and because of this you only have to pay your share of taxes.

Because of all this, there is very little pollution in this country. Nowadays Iceland must be one of Europe’s best fishing destinations. As Iceland has a huge amount of water, the rivers will be full at all times. You can go on a fishing trip in any of these rivers or lakes. Iceland’s river fishing is very popular and there is always good weather. Iceland trout fishing packages