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Shipping fly rods is about to get more expensive with the USPS announcing new “nonstandard” fees on packages exceeding 22 inches that became effective on April 4th, 2022.

According to FreightWaves.com, “Under a separate “nonstandard” fee, the Postal Service will impose a $4 per-piece surcharge on parcels with lengths that exceed 22 inches but are capped at 30 inches. That fee would be replaced by a $15 per-piece levy should a parcel exceed 30 inches. An additional $15 per-piece surcharge would then be tacked on for parcels that are denser than 2 cubic feet.”

This means that shipping any rod tubes over 22″ will be more expensive for the shipper, and more than likely the cost of this will be passed down to the consumer.

For more info on the changes, check out this article from Freight Waves.

What are your thoughts on the increase in surcharges for shipping rods? Let us know in the comments!

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