How to Cast With a Fly Rod
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The most popular casting video that Pete Kutzer has ever done is “The Basic Fly Cast” (below), which has been viewed almost 1.2 million times. But I am a big believer that people learn in many different ways, and a lesson that resonates for one person may not work for another. So I am always looking for other teaching methods and descriptions that offer a different take.

Former Orvis Fishing Manager Cinda Howard, who now runs Fly Fish Arizona and Beyond, has produced a great video on fly casting, in which she discusses the basics–from the grip to the shape of the loop–in simple, easy-to-understand terms. I particularly like her “answering the phone” analogy for the backcast. So check it out, and share it with any new anglers or those who want to start.

ORVIS - Fly Casting Lessons - The Basic Fly Cast
Watch this video on YouTube.
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