, Video: How to Tie a Sulphur Comparadun, Salmon Club Iceland

The original Comparadun was created in the 1960s by famed
tier and angler Al Caucci. Anglers were introduced to the pattern in the 1973
book Comparahatch, which Caucci wrote with Bob Nastasi. Ever since, the low-riding
mayfly imitation has been a staple in fly fishers’ boxes.

Although the fly looks quite simple, tying it can be frustrating, as getting the tails and wings right take a bit of doing. In the latest video from Tightline Productions, Tim Flagler walks you through his process for creating a Sulfur Comparadun, and he seems to have figured out the best ways to perform each step. It all starts with choosing the right deer hair, and his method for ensuring that the tails stay in position is ingenious.

Sulphur Comparadun


Hook: Standard
dry-fly hook (here a Lightning Strike DF1), sizes 12-20.
Thread: Yellow 8/0 or
Wing: Bleached
deer-hair, short/fine, cleaned and stacked.
Tails: Medium dun
Mayfly Tails or microfibbets.
Adhesive: UV-cure resin.
Abdomen: Hendrickson-pink
turkey biot.
Abdomen: Pale yellow
Superfine Dubbing.
Thorax:  Pale yellow
Superfine Dubbing.
Head: Tying thread.
Tools: Hair stacker,
dubbing wax, bodkin.
Note: See Tim’s
video on choosing the proper deer-hair for Compadun here.


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