How to Get Your Flies Out of Trees

Devin Olsen of Tactical Fly Fisher is well known as a competition angler, video star, and fanatical angler. But did you know that he also sometimes casts his flies into the trees? Remarkable, I know. That never happens to us, amirite? In the same way that he has approached nymphing in a scientific, trial-and-error fashion, Devin has developed a highly successful way to retrieve his flies from tangles. In this great video, he demonstrates his technique.

Job number one is to resist the urge to yank the flies out of the tree. Instead, using your stripping hand and your rod hand, you’ll shimmy and shake the flies free. It’s remarkable to see how Devin manages to quickly get himself ready to fish again. Try it out next time you overshoot your target on the river.


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