ORVIS - Spey Casting - Circle Spey

Here’s the latest in a series of quick-and-dirty fly-casting videos I made with Pete Kutzer of the Orvis Fly Fishing Schools. Here, he demonstrates how to make a Circle-Spey Cast, which is just as easy with your regular trout rod as it is with a two-hander.

The Circle Spey comes in handy when you’ve got no room for a backcast and the current is moving from right-to-left (for a right-handed caster). By making a big circle with your rod tip, you reposition your line upstream of you, which then allows you to go right into a roll cast. All you really have to remember is that your rod tip should end up at the same place it started.

, Video Pro Tips: How to Make a Circle-Spey Cast, Salmon Club Iceland


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