Casting Tip: "O" Ring For Ultimate Line Control
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When you are casting a fly line, there is a lot to keep track of–maintaining a straight path with the rod tip, stopping at the end of the front and back casts, accelerating smoothly through the casting stroke, etc.–so it’s easy to just forget about the line hand. But controlling the fly line in your hand during the cast is key to avoiding a couple problems, such as line wrapping around the butt or the blank, and to ensuring that you’re ready to set the hook as soon as possible after your fly lands. In this helpful video, George Daniel demonstrates how making an “O-ring” with your thumb and forefinger will help you maintain better line control and miss fewer strikes.

George Daniel operates Livin On The Fly, a guide service in State College, Pennsylvania. He is also an Orvis ambassador and the author of Strip-Set: Fly-Fishing Techniques, Tactics, & Patterns for Streamers, as well as Dynamic Nymphing

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