, Why Do These YETI Coolers Keep Washing Up on Alaskan Beaches?, Salmon Club Iceland
Duke Marolf of Seward, Alaska, stands behind coolers he found in July by flying his bush plane over remote beaches along Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. (Courtesy Duke Marolf via KUOW)

In need of a new YETI Cooler?? Well, perhaps you should book a flight to Alaska and hire a bush plane because YETIs are washing up all over beaches in Southeast AK.

The coolers are washing up because the shipping containers they were housed in spilled off a container ship nearly 1,200 miles from the beaches they’re now getting rolled onto. The coolers are up for grabs, with even YETI bringing attention to the free coolers in an Instagram Reel posted earlier this year (above).

You can learn more in the article from Alaska Public Media, here!

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